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How am I going to get this thing out?

Looking forward to your birth. Feeling confident and calm? If you answered “errrrm HELL NO!” you are not alone.

Let me guess, now the all-day sickness has subsided (lets face it it’s not just the mornings), the novelty of being pregnant has sunk in, you’ve got that pregnant waddle going on and it’s all becoming real, you’ve started to think “how am I going to get this thing out?”

You look down to your crotch, gulp, and face the fact you will probably have to deliver this real, life-sized baby out of there and google ‘hypnobirthing’.

Your bodies are fricking incredible!

You have all the tools you need, your body was designed to give birth. It does miraculous things to get baby out. Baby does miraculous things to get itself out too. Your bodies are fricking incredible! You were born to do it!

I’m sure you’ve marvelled at the same about pregnancy; ‘how does my body know to do that on this week?’ There is somehow an outer force, bigger than us deciding how we will move, feel, sleep, eat. When I was pregnant I remember feeling like a factory with thousands of tiny workers at conveyor belts getting on with the job of building new life inside my belly. I actually pictured these as microscopic Doozers from Fraggle Rock, but that’s just me.

"I didn’t expect it to be so practical and such a support – I thought it would be more ‘airy fairy’ so we have been hugely grateful that it was so informative and we can see how it has really helped..."

Hayley S (Hypnobirthing first time Mum)

Trust yourself and your confidence will soar.
Calm gals birth better.

Whatever type of birth you have; blissful home-birth or brightly-lit unplanned C-section Born To Do It Hypnobirthing gets you through any eventuality and gives you the skills to find calm and perspective for the rest of your lives (Dads I’m talking to you too).

Don’t fancy leaving the comfort of your own home?
Then sign up to the online The Calm Birth School Hypnobirthing course.

“Done it twice. Thought it was bollocks at first but by crikey it was impressive in practice. Good stuff ”

Rich (Twice Hypnobirthing Dad)